Day 10 – Солод солодка у Дніпрі вода – 12/6/12

Waking up mid morning all hungover to shit, there was no time waste and it was time to properly see the sights that Kyiv had to offer. With so many beautiful churches in Kyiv it was Svyata Sofia that was our starting point. Walking inside and to the top of the tower, were treated to superb views of Kyiv after a long slog to the top. The walk back down was just as difficult as the hangovers were kicking in, in the sweltering heat.


Walking past the statue of Bohdan Khmelnitskiy we headed to the church directly opposite Svyata Sofia, Michajilska Tserkva. Here we stood outside and took a moment to reflect on the Holodomor with the monument which stands outside the church.

Carrying on with the tour we walked down Andrijivkij Yzviv and the endless amounts of market stalls. Passing the stalls we also walked past the Anrijivska Tserkva. Reaching the bottom of the hill, it was time for lunch at Puzata Hata before continuing down the river front of the Dnipro. With the countless amounts of barge’s all offering tours down the Dnipro, we chose and haggled carefully. We chose the one that gave us 2 free beers each, and set sail down the Dnipro. With a cheesy Ukrainian CD playing techno songs, it was quite a relaxing journey as we took in even more fantastic sights from the Dnipro.


Now docked and back on the mainland we started making our way back into the centre. Here we walked through one of the many parks that surround Kyiv, and as we headed ever closer towards the Valeriy Lobanovskiy stadium, we caught a glimpse of a training session of one of the teams. This was from behind all the trees and branches that were shrouded from the park so were unable to get a clear view. The sightseeing tour ended with a photo in front of the great Valeriy Lobanovskiy statue before we headed back to the apartment to get changed.


Freshened up, we headed to the fan zone yet again to watch the football. Here we not only met up with our UK diaspora lot, but were also joined but more Bradford contingent of the Parafaniuk’s and their American Ukrainian friends. Predictions for the evenings games were as follows:















During the match it was a quick round of spin the bottle to see who was driving out of Kyiv in the morning, and the unlucky one was……. Stepan, however Petro quietly whispered into Stepan’s ear that he would drive out as was not drinking much that night.

After the football, we all headed to dockers, where it was rather a civilized start of steady drinking that gradually got heavier and heavier. It didn’t take long and with a full session now in swing, Andriy failed to keep up and was soon a gonner. With Petro’s “girlfriend” from the first night with us, Petro decided to take Andriy back to the apartment and called it a night. So Vio, Vio, Violetta!! Va Va Va Va ty moja!!

For the rest of us ‘heavyweights’ it was time to find a nightclub. A taxi ride later we were not let into the first nightclub. We then took another taxi ride to a second nightclub, but again were not let in. Frustrated we tried finding a taxi back to the main square, and got a journey in the unlikeliest form.

A young girl sat outside the nightclub in her car (who looked like a hooker) we asked the question of where we could get a taxi from. Some light hearted banter later, we genuinely believed she was a hooker, even though she denied it. She also denied she was a taxi driver and didn’t know who she was. This was no problem as we agreed that she would take us back to the main square and we agreed a price. A surreal ‘taxi’ journey later we were back in the main square. Cutting our losses we headed into a strip club that was full of Sweden fans.

Not staying long, everyone went back to their apartments respectively in the early hours.


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