Day 15 – Not quite the Caribbean! -17/6/12

Massively hungover, it was a good job that our planned day was chilling at the beach and nothing more. Grabbing our swimming trunks and towels together we headed down to the beach. Unlike a Caribbean beach with gold sand, clear water and palm trees, we were first faced with crossing a set of train tracks to get the beach.

Casually crossing the train track, we were now on the beach and set up camp on the nice enough sand. Diving into the murky waters of the Sea of Azov, with a factory in the distance to the left of us, nothing to the right and just normal trees instead of palm trees, we were quite content with everything and didn’t expect anything more or less.


With the sun beating down on us all day we sunbathed, did some swimming and just general messing around. We were soon joined by Andriy, Stefan and Zenko and then started playing with our newly purchased Tango 12 football. Here we played volleyball, had a penalty shoot-out, pointless game of seeing who could kick the football the furthest, before then getting cocky and trying bicycle and overhead kicks.


It was here we realised why none of us were professional football players, none more so than Stepan who ended up missing the ball completely with his bicycle kick and landing hard on the sand. Lying on the sand was a bad idea as the lads were quickly on the scene to cover the now ‘beached whale’ from head to toe in sand. After the photos with the beached whale, we all dived into the sea to clean ourselves up and cool off.

For some mature reason we all took our shorts off in the sea and put them on or heads, again posing for photos. It was Andriy Buniak who caught the short straw as Petro stole his shorts from his head. As Andriy tried getting them back, his shorts were thrown around between us all, before they made their way back to land. With the football covering his mid region, Andriy made his way back to land to claim his shorts back, but couldn’t quite make it as we then stole the ball. Now completely stranded and unable to do anything, we all made him sweat for a while before giving him his shorts back.

Messing around with the football also brought some random Ukrainians to us who wanted a football match. Beach football time was underway where we played a 6 a side match. Not lasting very long as the heat was taking a lot out of us, we rehydrated ourselves with some shots of warm vodka before jumping back into the sea to cool off.


We stayed at the beach for a while longer before heading back to the apartment. Here we got changed and went out to a local bar to watch the Portugal v Holland match. The stakes were high as Holland still had a mathematical chance of getting out of the group stage and Stepan winning the vyshyvanka bet. Predictions (which saw more new comers) were:






Andriy Chymera















Ninety minutes later, Stepan was put out his misery when Holland lost 2-1 and to many people’s surprise not only went out of the tournament but with not a single point.

Back to the apartment for our flag buntings cutting ceremony, it was time for bed as it was going to be an early start in the morning.


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