Day 18 – Another set of lost keys on the way to Kharkiv – 20/6/12

Waking up after a solid sleep, it was time to move on out from Mariupol and technically start making our journey home. Due to the suspension problem with our car, we decided that Andriy and Ewhen would drive the car to Kharkiv whilst Petro and Stepan took the train with the rest of the clan. All this to lighten the load in the car.

With Petro and Stepan at the train station, Chrystyna sorting out tickets, Andiry Buniak looking like a typical Ukrainian import and Zenko just being Dzula, we got a phone call from Ewhen, who was back at the apartment. He was asking if we had the other set of car keys as they had a set but the issue was the missing set had the crook lock keys on them, and guess what the crook lock was firmly attached to the steering wheel.

Clearly not being a good idea for Petro or Stepan to have car keys, seen as we were getting the train, it was panic stations on the off chance that we did. Bags opened, clothes on the floor and every pocket checked twice, there were no car keys to be found. Boarding the 13.30 train to Donetsk, we still weren’t sure where they keys were.

Andriy and Ewhen also checking their bags to no avail, they sought the help of a local builder at one of the next door apartments who started hammering the lock out, when Andriy Chymera came to the rescue. The keys were in his bag pocket! Crook lock off, they now started their journey to Kharkiv.

After the long drive they were always due to arrive before Petro and Stepan as our ETA into Kharkiv was 23.10. Andriy and Ewhen were in Kharkiv with the car parked up, checked-in at the hostel and relaxing with beer in hand on the streets of Kharkiv. It wasn’t long before they both went to the fan zone where they caught a Бумбокс concert.


Meanwhile, after the short train journey Mariupol-Donetsk, there was a 4 hour layover for the train to Kharkiv. At the train station we bumped into a sad that he was leaving Stefan Jajecznyk who was heading back to Kyiv. Leaving our luggage at the train station we all decided to go into the centre to have a walk around, stopping off at the old Shakhtar Donetsk stadium, but never managed to get a real good look.

Beer, Horilka, and all the ingredients needed for a prohoron sandwich were purchased and we were now ready to board the train. Chrystyna and Petro went to get everybody’s bags, whilst Andriy and Zenko went to buy some food, which with 5 people’s luggage on their arms was a good effort by the Chymeras.


All aboard the Donetsk-Kharkiv train, the beer, horilka and prohoron sandwiches were consumed on a very quiet and uneventful journey. On arrival we got a taxi and checked-in to the hostel straight away before heading out to meet Andriy and Ewhen.

Here we met up, briefly had a light hearted argument of Chymera’s losing another set of keys, before they bragged about the Boombox concert and all headed into what was a strange set up of a bar. In an open tent, it just seemed like a bar, before we got there to find bouncers standing outside, a DJ and a dance floor. Surely this couldn’t be classed as a nightclub could it?

Not too fussed we sat down and the vodka bottles soon started to rack up. 3 bottles later, the vodka was taking its toll on Andriy. Stepan asked Andriy if he was feeling ok and if he was going to be sick. Replying yes, Stepan took Andriy out of the bar and was walking in front of Andriy. As soon as we were both out of the bar, Stepan turned around to see Andriy projectile vomiting all over the shop. Not being able to deal with sick this made Stepan sick as well, something which Andriy was very proud of and made him laugh when he was told the following morning.

After this sour taste / note we called it a night and headed back to the hostel, carrying Andriy home. Petro and Zenko decided to stay out longer, which ended them two jumping into a fountain which was just outside the bar, close to where Andriy was sick and coming back soaked.



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