Day 19 – Kharkiv takes its toll on Andriy – 21/6/12

What must have been 3 hours maximum sleep, we all felt hung-over, not least Andriy. Still to his and all of our credit it was a quick shower, breakfast at Пузата Хата, and time to go sightseeing in Kharkiv. We walked through the fan zone to get through to the other side, stopping off for a drink. Here Petro and Stepan teamed up against Ewhen and Zenko in a game of table football, with Petro and Stepan easing their way to victory and started their undefeated record. We were now 1-0 and champions of Europe.


We headed down past many old style soviet buildings and monuments, as well as walking through wooded parks, before reaching the Kharkiv zoo. Some might say this would have been a fitting home for some of our lot, as we ended up seeing a drunk bear, donkey with massive balls (very mature), various other interesting animals and birds (and when we say birds we don’t mean the feathered type!!)


This killed a few hours and was a very pleasant afternoon’s walk to cure a hangover. On the way out there was a random man holding a snake that said we could hold it for a small fee. The majority of us were all sissies but peer pressure got the better of us and so some of us held the snake.


It was now early evening and we headed back to the hostel for a quick stop, before heading back to the fan zone for the first quarter-final game between match between Czech Republic and Portugal. Portugal won 1-0 and progressed to the semi-finals sending the Czechs home and our predictions were as follows:


Andriy Buniak


Andriy Luczka

0-0 (1-0 CZE AET)

Chrystyna Chymera


Ewhen Chymera


Petro Chymera

0-0 (2-1 CZE AET)

Stepan Luczka


Zenko Dzula

1-1 (POR AET)

Following on from the football we headed into a few bars where Petro and Stepan had some absinth, we can’t remember whether this was a punishment shot of some sort or whether it was just pure stupidity, either way it sent both of us well on the way and we all decided to go back to the tent come bar, come nightclub we were at from the previous evening.


Polishing 1 bottle off as standard, team lightweight (Chrystyna, Petro and Zenko) decided to call it a night and went home. As they were getting up to go, Petro spilt a shot that landed on Stepan’s foot. We made Petro lick the shot off Stepan’s foot before going, and to his credit he did. With team lightweight gone, this left the two Andriy’s (Buniak and Luczka), Ewhen and Stepan at the table. Here we got the cigars out, another bottle of vodka and sat there to the early hours.

All drunk, there are no prizes for guessing who had to be carried home AGAIN! That’s right, you guessed it, Andriy Luczka was clearly suffering and Kharkiv was clearly starting to take its toll on him. Staggering back we got back to the hostel and called it a night.



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