Day 23 – Hydro-Park, Karma and Destination Lviv – 25/6/12

Since Kyiv, the first time round, the UK contingent was getting smaller and smaller. This was the last day of packing for Andriy (Buniak) and Chrystyna and time for them to say goodbye to their Euro trip as they headed off to the airport and the four of us packed up all our stuff up and split up to sort a few things out.

Ewhen and Stepan went in search of Kyiv’s Renault garage, with Petro going to buy train tickets to Lviv and Andriy was left at the apartment with the bags and waited for the arrival of Zenko from Donetsk.


After getting lost Ewhen and Stepan eventually found the garage, but once again was a wasted trip as the garage advised that they could not fix the car and so we headed back to the apartment. Back at the apartment we packed the car and headed to the train station where we would leave our bags and car for the time whilst we were in Lviv. With a spare body to help, Zenko was then christened and not only met but also experienced a ride in Viktoria.

It was at this point when we found out about the biggest karma in history. Having left for the airport early that morning we didn’t expect Andriy (Buniak) to be making a phone call to Zenko saying “I’ve f**ked up big time” It transpired that Andriy should have gone to Donetsk with Zenko and not ditched him because his original flight was Donetsk-Kyiv-Gatwick, he was not able to check-in for the Kyiv-Gatwick flight as his flight started in Donetsk. To say we weren’t all laughing about his predicament would be a lie and if anything couldn’t wait to see him to take the piss.

Car parked up, and luggage put in the lockers (with our secret key codes written down) at the train station, we decided to meet up with the Canadian-Ukrainians at the hydropark for a few hours. Here we stopped off for lunch just outside the hydropark and finally found somewhere that served Holubtsi!! Five portions were ordered and we were happy to finally have found them, until the waiter came back and said they had ran out. This you may now be thinking would have dampened our spirits, however we were kept amused by two old guys who by the looks of it were trying to open the bonnet of their old clapped out piece of junk of a car and epically failing. They then proceeded by any means necessary which gave us some free cheap laughs at their expense.

No holubtsi, so beer and soup it was, it wasn’t long until we saw a familiar face roaming the streets of Kyiv again. Welcome back Andriy Buniak!! (seems to be getting a reputation for booking flights and not flying on them as history shows from past trips!) Needless to say that as soon as we saw that white sour cream ladder the jokes were none stop and didn’t show signs of laying off for him until somebody was going to leave.


Now on the banks of the Dnipro at the hydropark it was once again beer o’clock as we chilled out with the Canadians. A Frisbee soon came out from somewhere as we were easily kept amused by forming a big circle and throwing the Frisbee around. We were even more amused when the Frisbee started to hit other people at the hydropark, most notably a clocking a little boy straight on the head as he was running past. (You might think cruel but trust me anyone would have laughed if they were there!) As immature and childish as that was, we got even more childish when we decided to cover Stepan from foot to knee in sand. This was something Stepan did not approve of and made it quite clear by coming out with a high pitched “Errrrr Can you stop kicking sand at me please!”  but probably would have been better keeping quiet as this only encouraged team dipshit to do it even more. A customary photo was also taken with everyone who had tryzub tattoos.

Clearly not impressed by all the sand kicking, Stepan went for some lunch with Andriy (Buniak) where we had more of a full 3 course dinner with soup, shashlik, salad and lavash. With time now pressing and the others hungry we headed back to the metro station to go and grab some dinner before heading to the train station. It was at the metro that Petro gave Stepan his socks and said that he was going to throw them away. Stepan then proceeded with throwing his socks on the train tracks something which apparently was a crime and could potentially get a life sentence for the way everyone reacted.

With a lucky escape, we all went to an Italian restaurant with the Canadians where it was Luczka v Chymera in the Pizza Challenge. Flavours and toppings not important, but the sheer size of the pizzas were incredible, and having already had an unexpected full dinner, Stepan was struggling for team Luczka in finishing the mammoth pizza. Chymeras polished theirs off easily, and up stepped Andriy for team Luczka to bail out Stepan. Chrubz!

From there we ordered some taxis, said our goodbyes to all the Canadians, Zenko and Andriy (for the second time) as we headed to the train station. Anastasia (one of the Canadians) just so happened to be on the same train, so jumped in the taxi with us. Now at the train station, Ewhen and Stepan took care of food and drink (standard bread, ham, ohirku, beer and vodka) for the journey before we then boarded the overnight train to Lviv.


In what was a modernised cabin on still an old soviet like train, we were completely roasting in our cabin. Anastasia came and joined us in our cabin for a while whilst we sat around and talked, joked, drank and ate, before then calling it a night and trying to get some sleep. This was near impossible due to it being just too hot and the cheesey Ukrainian music that played.



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