Day 27 – Welcome to the jungle & Styopa’s big night out! – 29/6/12

Arriving back in Kyiv at sunrise, it was time to go and collect our luggage. Having remembered and written down our codes on our phones before we left, Andriy, Ewhen and Petro managed to get their luggage out no problem. Stepan had written his code down however due to a faulty locker was unable to open the locker. A 20 UAH fine and a locksmith later he was reunited with his bag with more digs flying in from the other three of how much of an idiot he is. They wouldn’t believe that it was the locker rather than the user and so Stepan gave in to the cheap shots.

With luggage in hand it was time to pick the car up, and thankfully this was less hassle than the luggage. Money paid, we were back on the road and on our way to our new apartment. Here we once again we went for some vital catch up sleep.

Waking up in the sweltering heat of the apartment, it was mid-morning when we got up and left to go and do some sightseeing. Before we started our sightseeing tour, we found an internet cafe where we looked for flights and trains across Europe so that two could travel back on as we wanted to keep the load in the car light, as not to cause any more damage. As soon as we started searching and came across the ridiculous prices it was agreed that as we started the journey all together we would stick together and finish it, no matter what!


With this in mind we then started off by heading towards the Taras Shevchenko University. We walked through Kyiv’s parks and were soon at the magnificent Volodymyr’s Cathedral. Popping in for a quick prayer, we were amazed to see such a phenomenal church. From there we headed back into the centre where we then went inside the historic Zoloti Vorota. Climbing up to the top, we were stood at what was the entrance into Kyiv many years ago. All was going well and sensible finished for the day, it was yet again beer o’clock. Stopping off at various bars, we were still loosely sightseeing, however this time it was in search of the Dynamo Kyiv fan bar (Bar 25). With the standard of getting a little lost on the way, we eventually found it and went in for a light bite to eat as well as some more standard beers. All was still going well.


Leaving the bar after a few beers we saw a gap in between a few buildings. Walking through to investigate, we were treated to some great views of buildings and churches that we had never previously seen in Kyiv. Walking through and continuing our investigating, we were soon in the middle of a wooded area where things were still going smoothly.

Realising we were at a dead-end, it was time to turnaround and head back, until Ewhen ‘Jungle Book’ Chymera claimed to know a ‘shortcut’ through the woods or as we like to call it the Amazon Rainforest. All following his lead, it was Stepan that stacked in on numerous occasions due to footwear issues. (Note. Flip-flops are not advised when walking through a forest.) Cutting his hand and providing comedy entertainment for the rest of them, we were soon at the bottom of the forest, but now on the roof of a building.


Climbing down the building we were then on a random street in Kyiv that looked like a fake street that was one you would find on a movie set. This secret street was a positive of the walk through the forest and made it actually all the worthwhile. Now back at the apartment we grabbed one more quick kip, before getting ready to go out and hit Kyiv’s nightclubs.

Styopa raring to go, on his big night out...
Styopa raring to go, on his big night out…

Dubbed as ‘Styopa’s big night out’ we were all dressed to impress, vodka shots in our system before we left and time to paint the streets of Kyiv. Leaving the apartment we headed out to the catch the metro to get into the centre. It was here at the station where we met Volodymyr (the owner of the apartment) where (judging by his Seleznyov-esque shirt) it looked like he was on a night out too. Saying hello, his first question was where is Ewhen? (Ewhen’s pulled for the night – the rest of us thought). Now waiting for the train we joked around by pushing Stepan onto the track. Joking around Stepan never actually was close to the tracks, however Volodymyr didn’t like this and told us to stop. Captain health and Safety!

As we were on a different train to Volodymyr we said our goodbye’s and weren’t exactly sure if Ewhen was coming with us or Volodymyr. More doubt set in when Ewhen said goodbye to Volodymyr and he went in for the kiss. Unable to say or do anything, queue taking the piss out of Ewhen and his new boyfriend.

Consoling Ewhen as he came with us instead of going with Volodymyr, we ended up going to a nightclub called Avalon. Here it was a standard two bottles of vodka, Ukrainian dancing on the dance floor (this time nobody was interested), Petro cutting his hand on the dance floor as well as falling in love with another Ukrainian beauty for the 500th time on the trip.

Dancing and drinking away into the early hours, we stopped off at the local McDonalds at five in the morning before watching a fantastic sunrise over the Dnipro. Back at the apartment Petro then built a Berlin-esque wall in between himself and Stepan with the sofa bed pillows and then calling it a night.


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