Day 31 – Spa day in Budapest 3/7/12

What was possibly the most uncomfortable night’s sleep on the trip, it was an early wake up as we had a short drive from the random car-park to Budapest to contend with. Nibbling on the leftovers from the BBQ a few hours ago, we saw some lorry tyres that were about 50 meters away from where we were. Stepan put it out there that if anybody kicks the football we had through the tyre on their first go he would give them £100. Andriy, Ewhen and Petro never to back down from a challenge were up for it, however all failed and the £100 stayed in Stepans pocket.

Entertainment over it was time to put the tent away, clear up our mess and hit the road.

With what was a short journey, we eventually got to the hostel where Stepan took full responsibility to getting lost once again, however this time it was due to the inaccurate google maps directions that we had printed out. Punishment shot was required later on in the day.


Checked-in it was a quick freshen up at the hostel before we went off to start our sightseeing tour of Budapest. Starting off in Pest, then moving across the river into Buda the heat was unbearable. It came as quite a shock when Ewhen then said he wanted to go for a bath? He then went on to say how Budapest is famous for their baths and not believing him we mocked him instead.

Walking around all day taking in the sights of churches, castles and parliament, Andriy and Ewhen then ended up taking some questionable generic Ukrainian posing photos at the top of the castle, before then agreeing to try out one of these ever so famous baths.


It was in fact a SPA and with the temperature reading 40 degrees at 5pm we thought this would be a good way to relax and cool off. Petro was well equipped and had swimming shorts on already, but for the rest it was a quick pop to the shop in the SPA where we all purchased some Daniel Craig specials.

After the past four weeks of punishing our bodies, it was a nice way to recharge the batteries and give our bodies a bit of a break. Starting off in the main pool we then moved into the warm pool, which was exactly 37 degrees according to the not so electric temperature board, before then having a stupid challenge in the sauna.

The challenge again was simple, who could sit in the sauna the longest. As expected it was hot, things didn’t get any better when an old wrinkly 80 year old wanted it hotter and kept on pouring water onto the rocks and made it hotter than the sun! – Idiot!! Looking back at it, he was probably only in his 20’s like us, but just spent his entire life in the sauna which was now 100 degrees.

The next challenge was who could sit in the ice bath the longest. This challenge was a draw in the end as Petro and Stepan both got out at the same time. We went back to the main pool where it now turned into a wave pool. Stepan had never been in one before and was that excited that he did a front roll in the pool, before then shitting himself when the waves came as he is not a confident swimmer. Also in a race across one side to the other between Ewhen and Stepan, Ewhen won due to Stepan suffering from cramp half way through.


All dried off and back on the streets, we went for some food. Goulash was on the menu, which is pretty standard in Hungary. After what can only be described as a “genre-defying” meal we bought some beers and looked for some night life. It appeared that the cool kids of Budapest all sit in a big park and so we joined in with the locals. We sat there for a couple of hours before then heading back to the hostel.

It was on the way back we stopped off in a bar for some more beers and shots (as well as punishment shots for the losers of the earlier challenges). Here the punishment shots were the worst shots at that bar and according to the waitress it was a shot called unicum.

All drinks supped up we called it a night and went back to the hostel. It was on the way back that once again we were approached by a police van. Jumping out of the van was a whole unit of officers as if we were mass murderers and checking our ID’s when in fact we had once again been done for J walking. ACAB!

Back at the hostel it was time for bed in what felt like we were back in the sauna at the SPA! (World’s hottest hostel)


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