Day 32 – UFO’S in Bratislava 4/7/12

Up early for the drive Budapest-Bratislava, there was time for Ewhen to quickly check emails on the computer in the common room before we left. For Andriy this left some time to fart and then accidentally shit his pants.

After the clean-up, us laughing and Ewhen done on his emails, it was time for the short drive. As was now standard, and leaving hostels in the morning without a shower it was again just as well. Even on the short drive we managed to fry in the car and sweated out any alcohol that may have remained in our systems.

Checked in, showered and shitted (in the toilet and not our pants) it was once again time for sightseeing with beer stop-offs. Walking through the old streets of Bratislava Andriy managed to pull an OAP local who by the sounds and looks of it at the time liked his Rhianna t-shirt. We then continued with our tour, taking in the sights of churches, monuments and various other rustic styled buildings.


Plodding along under the intense heat, we walked through a park which was along the river front. Slowing down, we had a quick power nap under the shade whilst Ewhen was topping up his tan in the sun.

Early evening, we went for dinner before then buying a bottle of vodka and heading up to Andriy’s long lost brother (the castle). With the sun slowly setting we were at the top of the castle admiring the city’s view. Just like we had done in every other city we had previously visited (team photo) we asked a Muslim man to take a photo of us at the top with the view of Bratislava in the background. He took it with no problems, however he kept on saying “I have UFO” in the background. Having no idea what he was talking about, it wasn’t until we turned around and saw a UFO shaped pod on top of a bridge that went across Bratislava. He was very pleased with his photo and comment –Mashallah! As he took his family down and still content with his photographic skills we then cracked open the bottle of vodka and started drinking at the top of the castle.


Sun now set and darkness creeping around the corner we walked back down. Here we took another moment to sit and relax and watched the red moon rise and move across the Bratislava skyline albeit from a now slightly lower level. Sat on a wall and passing the vodka round we sat here for a while until we polished the bottle off. This might seem a tad gay but it was a very nice relaxing night with sensible conversations for once.

Heading back to the hostel we saw a small park that had swings and other standard park apparatus. We were only interested in the seesaw which confirmed Stepan’s chrubz-ness. Sat on either end of the seesaw it was Stepan vs Petro, then Stepan vs Chymeras before Stepan vs Chymeras and Andriy. We then equalled it out and it was Luczka’s vs Chymera’s however the Chymera’s once again won.

Now back at the hostel, we were getting ready for a big night out in Bratislava. Knowing how cheap things were and hearing good things about the nightlife we were very excited, so much so that we ended up falling asleep at about nine o’clock and were all out for the count. Night over!


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