Day 36 – The end is near…. 8/7/12

Waking up feeling rough for the final time, it was also a sad day. Five weeks was drawing to a close as we had one journey left. Bern-Home! This signalled bad times, however not wanting to make it feel like any other day team twat (Andriy, Ewhen and Petro) still managed to annoy Stepan by unpacking his suitcase and emptying all the contents out onto the floor. (It was not big, clever or mature at the time nor is it now)

All re-packed, showered and had breakfast it was Andriy, Ewhen and Stepan to bid our farewells to Petro as we headed back home. Petro was continuing his travelling for another month or so, so we were all very jealous to be leaving him.


On the road at about 9am, we stopped off at the side of the road to get our bearings. It was here that a random Ukrainian came up to us and asked if it was ok to take a picture of our car. He had clearly never seen an English registered car with Ukraine flags and stickers on it, but was then he said he was Ukrainian himself.

There was a slight detour of Bern thanks to yet more navigational nightmares from Stepan before we were on the right roads heading north. With the long drive up to Calais, we all took it in turns to drive up. Stepan however was extremely tired (due to strolling in at 5am – not hungover) and had to change drivers due to almost falling asleep at the wheel.

Calais got ever closer as we past the very first stadium we saw on the trip. Waiting in the queues for the ferry, we had some great eye candy of a girl that was ahead of us with a cracking bum which seemed to pass the time.

Before we knew it we were back on the ferry enjoying our final beer of the trip. After the beer we decided to go into the arcade room where Stepan played on dance floor. Here he was interrupted by some annoying little hot shot kid that thought he was the World Dance Champion and persisted on giving Stepan tips and telling him not to move his feet back to the middle.


Walking around the ferry, Andriy then met some pop star (xxxx xxxx – or a.k.a his boyfriend) where he had a photo with him. A short smooth ferry crossing later, we were unfortunately back on UK soil for the first time in five weeks where Stepan drove from Dover to Leicester. With Andriy and Ewhen both asleep in the car and Stepan’s poor navigational skills on record on the trip weren’t good, he once again still managed to completely mess things up and were heading for central London. Luckily, Ewhen woke up and straight away said “we’re lost!” to which he got an ear bashing for, for the majority of the remaining journey.

One o’clock in the morning, and we were back at the Leicester services where Stepan was dropped off, before continuing the journey up to Bradford where to journey would finally come to an end an hour and a half later.


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