The end of a fairytale…

I think we will all agree that first off a massive thank you is required to Viktoria as not only did she serve us well over the 5 weeks, she did us proud and got us back across Europe with no rear suspension, so much so that a month or two after, we were now looking to sell her. (This was always the plan)


Unsurprisingly there were not many offers, but Ewhen ended up selling her to a local garage in Leeds for £260 and the fact that we paid £650 was not an issue as we were never expecting the full price back, it was when Ewhen saw her back on sale for £700 which was the joke!

Like all good things, things must come to an end. We can use every adjective in the world to describe the trip from epic, fairytale and dream to name but just a few, however one thing is for certain that this was a trip of a lifetime and one none of us will ever forget.

In 36 days we covered over 5000 miles, passing through 19 countries which is a mean feat itself. Add to this that on average we had 5 beers a day, that’s 180 beers each (720 beers collectively) we would realistically say at least a bottle of vodka each, sleep deprivation (unless your name is Petro who slept the entire 5000 miles) the excitement of the football tournament it was truly an unforgettable trip.

Not only were we pleased with our own journey, but the fact that we heard only but good reviews about the tournament and fans from across all of Europe praising Ukraine and Poland for hosting the tournament, dismissed the previous doubts that people may or may not have had.


From five weeks of football, banter, beer and boxing, people always ask us “did you ever argue?” Not once did any of us fall out or argue as we just got on with it and had an absolute blast.

Since the trip, the whatsapp group has changed names to Road to RIO – Я Вірю as we started to follow and talk about Ukraine’s World Cup 2014 qualifiers, as well as changing the twitter account. The Viktor Leonenko Hall of fame website has continued to grow and the forfeit of Petro and Stepan sleeping together has been done on another football trip. We joked that in years to come it will be all our kids doing the same trip and reinacting our trip.


Now if you’re still reading, this fairytale is about to come to an end, all is left to say from us is “can I have a quick word please” and let you all know that “WE DID IT!!”


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