Chelsea Vs Dynamo – Disappointment with a bitter taste

Pre-Match View
Pre-Match View

As always seems to be the case, we have gone to watch another Ukrainian team take on an English club in European competition and we haven’t got the result! With Chelsea’s current ‘crisis’, and only 3 wins in their last 10 matches in all competitions, this was surely a great time for Dynamo Kyiv to be facing Chelsea, in the hope of taking points back to Kyiv, but alas it was not to be.  Prior to this match, Petro and Andriy were both already on 1 appearance for the new season, after visiting Kyiv for Ukraina Vs Spain, so it was time for Ewhen and Stepan to notch their first matches of the season. Dre didn’t make the trip as he isn’t a real fan.

Feeling confident pre-match
Feeling confident pre-match

Having descended on the capital from various locations and at various times, we all met up for some pre-match beers at The Pembroke pub in Earls Court. Here we were met by our usual crowd of Ukrainians who live in London.  The beers flowed and pre-match excitement and anticipation of some points were growing.

Styop posing for the camera
Styop posing for the camera

As what it becoming a regular occurrence, a Ukrainian TV crew turned up and wanted to record some material. Stepan gave an interview about the ticket situation regarding the match (won’t bore you with the ins and outs of it, but we had tickets in the home end – NEVER AGAIN), before them coming inside and filming all the fans. The Ukrainian National Anthem was sung with hands on hearts, before the old classic “Putin Huiylo!”  The singing came to the annoyance of the bar manager who requested for us to stop.

The police then arrived, and to somewhat of a pleasant surprise, an officer speaking Ukrainian. She was accompanied by a colleague and they wanted to arrange an escort for us to the stadium which we obviously agreed with, as none of us are looking for trouble.  The male police officer even went to the trouble of taking down our ticket numbers and telling us he would arrange for us to be swapped into the Dynamo Kyiv end, as there were a number of us with tickets in the Chelsea end.  It turns out he was a lying prick, more on this later.  A.C.A.B.

The chanting again started, which riffled the bar manager to the point where she lost it, screaming her head off and threatening to kick us out. It came to a lot of amusement, and everyone was shouting from different corners from the bar.  In a huff, she said she was calling the police. (The police already knew we were here and not causing any issues so didn’t see what she was trying to achieve).

1hr to kick-off and we left the pub and made our way under escort to the stadium. We chanted for the entire 15 minute or so walk, and were ‘greeted’ with chants of Chelsea as we got nearer to the ground, all in a friendly atmosphere.  Outside the stadium and it was again time to sing the anthem, before we all descended on the ground.

Leaving the pub with an escort to the ground
Leaving the pub with an escort to the ground

We were making our way around to our section in the home end, before we heard/saw some commotion. We went over to find that the stewards had taken tickets off some of our fans.  It quickly escalated into some arguments which then involved thee police.  Having explained the situation, and that an officer had taken our tickets to get us moved, the officer said: “OK, show me where he is”.  I went and found the officer who took our ticket numbers down, but as soon as the two officers had a brief chat, he turned around and said that the officer never said such a thing to us. This really got the blood boiling and added fuel to an already lit fire.

With Evhen’s ticket confiscated, he was all ready to set up camp in a pub and watch the match from there. Styop went into the stadium with Zenon Ozula (who he wants to thank for keeping the tickets hidden) and getting us in.  We were now inside the stadium, dotted around the stadium ready for the match.

Petro and Xpuc managed to avoid the commotion and instead went to the gate. Once there and entering the stadium they were pulled aside by a steward who claimed he had information from a police officer of Dynamo fans entering the Chelsea end.  Once we convinced them that we were not Ukrainians and that our broad Yorkshire accents proveed this, they let us into the The Shed end, literally the Lions Den.  This shows that the earlier PIG had taken our details under false pretences, entrapping us by lying.  Trust the police?  I don’t think so. A.C.A.B.

The stadium was all but full as the classic Champions League theme tune played around the stadium. Usually this song gets them hairs standing up on your arms, however with what had gone on, as well as being sat in the wrong end didn’t seem to make a difference. The match kicked off, and we were busy texting each other, instead of really watching the match.  To our surprise, Evhen confirmed he was in the ground after paying a tout £40 for tickets.

Luckily whilst on our phones, we didn’t seem to miss much in the opening minutes. As you would expect the home team started brightly, but failed to create any clear cut chances. You could probably also say that Chelsea were in control and saw more of the ball, but Serhiy Rebrovs men stood strong.

It was in the 33rd minute when the real action started as a cross field pass found Willian, he crossed into the 6yrd box which forced Dragovic into making a split second decision of whether to head it or leave it. Stamford Bridge erupted as the ball was in the back of the net. (Maybe Dragovic was blinded by his new choice of colour hair and couldn’t see, which made him head the ball into his own net). 1:0 Chelsea.

Action at the Bridge
Action at the Bridge

One substitution was made during half time which saw Dynamo Kyiv bring on Denys Garmash on for Sergiy Sydorchuk. The second half kicked off with a more positive and attacking Dynamo compared to the first half.  Dynamo started to create chances, with Artem Kravets in a one on one situation, but for some reason decided not to shoot and took an extra touch. To spare him some embarrassment the linesman had helped by raising his flag for offside.

Dynamo had a penalty appeal turned away, which saw a missile thrown in some anger at the pitch. I didn’t personally see where it came from, however I was informed it came from the Dynamo section, which won’t help their causes with UEFA currently investigating a racism case against the clubs fan for when the sides met in Kyiv.

With Dynamo searching for that equalising goal, it left them exposed at the back, but Chelsea thankfully not only didn’t take their chances, they failed to create anything all that dangerous, which say Dynamo’s persistence pay off in the 76th minute. Chelsea’s defence fell apart as Begovis failed to communicate with Terry leading to a Dynamo corner.  From the corner, Begovic again messed up as he came for the cross and totally missed it, the ball fell to Dragovoic who kept a cool head, controlled the ball and went for power. The ball could have easily ended up in row Z, but it didn’t, the ball rippled the back of the net, sending the thousand or so travelling fans into hysterics. 1:1!

Back then came Chelsea, and the mounting pressure of under fire boss Jose Mourinho. He brought on Hazard and Pedro for the final 10/15 minutes. Pressure was mounting on Dynamo keeper Oleksander Shovkovksiy, but he was an equal match when he tipped over a Chelsea effort in superb fashion. It wasn’t Dynamo’s night however as Chelsea sealed the victory from a free-kick.  Up stepped Willian, a fantastic strike and a goal!  Shovkovksiy could only get a palm to his free kick, not enough to keep it out, and once again the familiar feeling of a Ukrainian team losing in England!  To make matters worse for Dynamo it had to be ex-Shakhtar man Willian who scored the goal.  The game then finished with a win for the Londoners.

It was onto another pub for a couple of post game pints to discuss the game before heading off. It was a decent performance from Dynamo but not enough to get the points.  The Europa League now looms unless they can get two wins and other results help them out.  A trip we’ll quickly forget.

For us our attentions are quickly turning to Slovenia, our next trip is to Maribor for the Euro 2016 Qualifying Play-Off Second Leg. More from us then!

P.S. Diego Costa is a diving cheat & A.C.A.B.


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