Ride for Ukraine, Ride for it’s Heroes



What: “Ride for Ukraine” – A charity bike ride from London to Lille, for Ukraine’s heroes, raising money and helping the cause of British Ukrainian Aid

When:  11-12 June 2016 – Arriving in Lille ahead of Ukraine’s first match of Euro 2016.

Where: London to Lille via Dunkirk

Seven riders jump on two wheels to support those affected by the war in Ukraine, as they ride to support Ukraine’s heroes.

Working with British Ukrainian Aid, “Ride for Ukraine” aims to raise money for those affected by the on going crisis and war in Ukraine. Cycling from London, 7 riders will ride over 200 kilometres to Lille, in time for Ukraine’s first match of Euro 2016, against Germany on Sunday 12th June.

Since hosting the last version of the European Championships alongside neighbours Poland in 2012, Ukraine has seemingly been in perpetual crisis. In 2013/4 the EuroMaidan movement saw over 100 lose their lives as the corrupt regime came to an end and Ukraine made a shift towards Europe. However Russia had other ideas, and quickly moved in, occupying Crimea before starting an insurgency in Ukraine’s Eastern Regions of Donetsk and Luhansk.

The subsequent war between Ukraine’s volunteers battalions and the Russian backed proxies has resulted in over 7,000 deaths, upwards of 30,000 wounded and up to two million people forced to leave their homes.  Periodic violence continues to affect the region with more deaths and injured reported almost daily.

Many of those riding visited the affected regions during the 2012 championships, travelling through towns such as Horlivka, Kramatorsk and Slovyansk and spending considerable time in Donetsk and Mariupol while supporting Ukraine. None of them could have envisaged how drastically different life would be for those they met and the area they visited just four years later.  “Ride for Ukraine” is an opportunity for the riders, to give back and raise much needed funds to help the victims of the war.

Money raised will support British-Ukrainian Aid

British Ukrainian Aid is a UK based charity that is supporting people suffering from the armed conflict and humanitarian crisis, including the injured, wounded, orphaned children, the elderly, internally displaced persons and families who have lost their breadwinners. All monies raised will go towards supporting British Ukrainian Aids projects in the region.

Donations can be made through the “Ride for Ukraine” Just Giving page;  or directly to ride participants.

For regular updates follow @DonetskWay2012, or like our Facebook page: Donetsk Way


1. The seven riders are made up of 5 third generation Ukrainians living in the UK; Ewhen & Peter Chymera, Stepan & Bohdan Luczka and Nick Favell, alongside two English friends keen to support Ukrainians affected by Russia’s invasion; Euan Holloway and Ben Mansfield

i Saturday 11th June – Depart London Ukrainian Club, circa 6am. Cycle through Kent Downs to the port of Dover, taking 2pm ferry to Dunkirk. Sunday 12th June, Depart Dunkirk, circa 8am. Cycling through the fields of Flanders, on route to Lille arrival time around 1pm.

ii More details about British Ukrainian Aid can be found on their website http://ukraineaid.co.uk/



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