‘Ride For Ukraine – A big thank-you!’

On departure from London


Almost a month has passed since Euro 2016 finished, and with that comes an end to our page and donations for our ‘Ride For Ukraine, Ride For its Heroes!’ project.

For those that have followed us, or met us in Lille, you will have heard about the ride itself which came along with its challenges including broken chains, broken spokes, gear issues along with a ‘locked up’ bike, but nevertheless we made it!!!
We would like to take his opportunity to thank each and every one of you who have helped to support, promote and donate to this project. We are truly overwhelmed with the amount of generosity and support we have received and we were pleased when we reached out initial target of £1,500.

Thanks to your support our final total figure raised is £4214.54 with all proceeds going towards British-Ukrainian Aid. We have been in close contact with this charity since we set up this project and they have advised they will be keeping in close contact with us and sending pictures to us with updates to where our project (your money) has gone to, which we will be posting on our Facebook page.

For those that entered our raffle, the prize winners were as follows:

1)      Chrystyna Senyk (Coventry)

2)      Stepan Shakhno (London)

3)      Mick Rewilak (Bradford)

Attached are just some of the photos for you to enjoy from our ride. (Whilst out in France we tackled Mt Ventoux, so included is a photo of us at the sommet!)
In the meantime, why not follow a bike ride currently taking place across Europe:

All that is left for us to say is another massive thank you to you all for you kind words, support and donations!!
Слава Україні!!

Donetsk Way – All Things Ukrainian Football

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