Donetsk Way
Donetsk Way in Sheffield

DonetskWay was born from a group of friends making a Road Trip to the 2012 European Championships held in Poland & Ukraine.

The name Donetsk Way was taken from the street of the same name in Sheffield and because two of Ukraine’s Euro 2012 Group Stage games were to be held at the Donbas Arena, in Donetsk.

As excitement ahead of the tournament and the journey group, the concept of the Viktor Leonenko Hall of Fame (VLHOF) was made.  Ahead of the tournament a new profile from the world of Ukrainian football was to be inducted into the VLHOF.  These were the great, the good and the more obscure from the world of Ukrainian football.  Each profile, which could be a player, personality, event, stadium or more obscure category was given a famous “Varenyky Rating” from 0-5.

Following Euro 2012, DonetskWay has become a portal of Ukrainian Football, with news views and articles about the latest goings on in the world of Ukrainian football.  Prominent on Twitter and Facebook the lads still traverse Europe in support of Ukrainian football, from the national team to club sides.  You can keep up with their adventures on this site too!

Donetsk Way boys at the Valeri Lobanovskyi statue in Kyiv during Euro 2012

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  1. Just a thought, considering the current situation in Ukraine, shouldn’t the name of Donetsk Way be put into debate?

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